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In March each year the Trustees consider and plan their donations for the year ahead, leaving a reserve in each category for in-year applications.

Our five main categories are: Youth, Health, Welfare, Services to the Community, and Arts, Culture and Environment

The Trustees meet four times a year, usually in March, June, September and December.  Applications received up to two weeks prior to these meetings will be considered. Any application received outside that timescale may be carried forward to the next meeting.  Exceptionally, urgent applications can usually be considered on an ad hoc basis.  Please contact our Administrator for further details.


The Trust likes to maintain a close relationship with the organisations we support, and many receive funding for multiple years if their financial reports and impact assessments demonstrate their continued value.


Our typical grants range from £500 to £5000.


  • You can apply if you are a charity, community group, or an organisation with charitable goals.

  • Your work should benefit the Isle of Wight and its residents.

  • Funding can be for specific projects, purposes, or general operational costs.

  • To apply for funding, please complete our application form, which you can submit by email or mail.

  • Please include your most recent annual accounts and any relevant supporting documents.

  • Following the provisions in Miss Daisie Rich's Will, The Trustees will also consider grant applications from former employees of Upward and Rich Ltd, with a minimum of one year's continuous service prior to 1974, who are facing financial hardship. Please contact our Administrator for further information if you think you may be eligible to apply.

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