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A Legacy of Care and Community


Born in 1880, at a time when change was sweeping across the United Kingdom, Miss Daisie Rich made her entrance into the world at 51 Pyle Street in Newport on the Isle of Wight.

Upward and Rich Shop, Newport

Daisie was the second child of Mary and George Rich, the ‘Rich’ half of the historic Upward and Rich firm, which had its roots dating back to 1650 as Grocers and Tallow Chandlers. Despite early family losses, Daisie's life was marked by determination and achievement; she became a vital member of the Newport Voluntary Aid Detachment during World War I, assisting at Gatcombe House Hospital. In addition to her contributions to the war effort, Daisie was a gifted violinist and even led the Newport Philharmonic Society Orchestra.

As the looming spectre of another world war approached, Daisie took on a more prominent role in the Upward and Rich business. She became a director of the company and played a key role in its operations during World War II. Daisie's tenure as a director was characterised by her strong commitment to the welfare of the company's employees. She was highly respected by the staff, who fondly referred to her as ‘Miss Rich’.

Upward and Rich Delivery Van

Tragically, Daisie's life took an unexpected turn in 1955 when she slipped at home and fractured her femur. While recovering in the hospital, she suffered a fatal heart attack, most likely related to her accident. This event marked the end of an era, as the year 1955 also saw the conclusion of the active involvement of the ‘Upward’ and ‘Rich’ names with the firm, following the death of George Vernon Upward, the last living descendant of the Upward family line.

Throughout its long history, Upward and Rich expanded its operations and continued to serve the Isle of Wight's residents. The company marked its 300th anniversary in 1950. Later whilst continuing with groceries and provisions, it expanded into frozen foods, prepacked meats, confectionery, and tobacco, thus creating the precursors to today's supermarkets. Upward & Rich continued to thrive until 1974 when it merged with mainland companies at which point the trading name ceased.

Daisie Rich

In her Will, Daisie left a significant sum of money and shares in the company. After her personal bequests were met, she left her estate in trust for ‘necessitous and deserving’ former employees of Upward & Rich and for the benefit of the Isle of Wight Community generally.


Daisie's colleague and co-director, Alford Collins, became the Chairman of the Daisie Rich Trust following her death. He, and his successor Adrian Medley, wisely managed the foundation and built on Daisie's vision. Today, the Trust is led by Claire Locke and guided by a Board of Trustees, all of whom have strong Isle of Wight roots. Daisie's legacy lives on through the Trust, which continues to uphold her ideals of kindness and care for the Isle of Wight's community.

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